Encouraging Trust Through Team Building Games

5 Team Building Games to Develop Trust Amongst Colleagues

Trusting your fellow colleagues is the starting point for success in any team but how can team building games help you in this quest for cohesion and camaraderie? The majority of team building events are designed to help colleagues work together and trust each other, there are numerous methods that can adopted in-house for cost effective trust building amongst teams at small or large organisations.

Make Eye Contact

This is the simplest and most effective trust exercise that can be applied. This particular activity needs no special equipment and should take just 5 minutes to complete with a small team. Eye contact is very important when it comes to trusting an individual and this game involves being paired up and staring into your partner’s eyes for 1 minute to build trust and make it easier to make eye contact in the future.

Follow the Leader

Team building games that allow one team member to take the lead are important when comes to enhancing trust. In this exercise two people are teamed up, one of which will wear a blindfold. The blindfolded colleague will then be led by the other person, firstly on a slow walk, then on a normal paced walk, a jog and then to finish a short run. The process is difficult at first as you have no use of your eyes and are being guided by a person that may be unknown to you. However, you have to have full confidence in this person to complete each stage of the task.

The Art Class

One member of your team of two is given a blank pad whilst the other is given a shape, the partner with the shape must describe it in detail and the co-worker must then draw the shape. As well as developing communication, the exercise encourages the unity that makes building trust possible.

Trust Leans

Trust leans are associated with team building games that construct trust within teams. Colleagues work in pairs, one of which is blindfolded and positioned in front of their team mate. The blindfolded colleague is then encouraged to fall back and be caught by their fellow co-workers. Similar to the ‘follow the leader’ exercise, trust leans must be repeated to build trust, participants form a bond that can then be carried back into the office long after the exercise has finished.

Mine Field

Working in pairs, one colleague is blindfolded and must be guided around a mine field of obstacles by their co-worker. The leader can only give their colleague instructions and the blindfolded team member cannot talk throughout. This simple exercise improves communication and promotes a trusted bond between colleagues.

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