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Item Description

8 Transparent Layer Styles 

& 3 Elegant Glass Text effects created by using them in combination.
Works great for Icons and Buttons too!

<li>.asl file with 8 transparent styles.</li>
  <li>.psd (800px * 150px) file with the 8 transparent styles for easy copy and paste.</li>
  <li>.psd file with editable text (800px * 1400px) with the 8 transparent styles layered to create the glassy text effects depicted.</li>

<li>Georgia, Tahoma, Snell Roundhand, but these styles look great on a wide variety of fonts.</li>
  <li>Note if you want to get the exact same effect when you transfer these styles onto another document, make sure the global light is set to Angle = 120 and Altitude = 67 <br />You can do this by going to &#8220;Layer &gt;&gt; Layer Style &gt;&gt; Global Light&#8221; in the menu.</li>

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Elegant Glass Text Effects & Styles - 1  Elegant Glass Text Effects & Styles - 2  Elegant Glass Text Effects & Styles - 3

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