Earth Zoom Pro X

Earth Zoom Multi Kit is here with its new name Earth Zoom Pro X

  • Many issues have been fixed. Some new features have been added. Optimized for fast rendering.
  • Generate high-resolution maps with the new and improved map generator.
  • It does not require installation.
  • Make your customizations easily with Earth Zoom Pro X Preset Tool. Save time with this tool that will guide you step by step.
  • Zoom in/out to just one location if you wish, or zoom in and zoom out 12 locations at one video.

How To Use? (Preview Video: 05:03)

Unique Features

  • Transition Without Globe/Planar Map
  • 45 Tilt Map For All Rotations
  • Using Drone Video
  • Detailed Zoom Level & Rotation
  • Extra Zoom Level
  • 4 Diffirent Closer Intro
  • Faster Map Generator

Earth Zoom Pro X - 1

Earth Zoom Pro X - 2
Earth Zoom Pro X - 3

Earth Zoom Pro X - 4

Earth Zoom Pro X - 5

Earth Zoom Pro X - 6

Earth Zoom Pro X - 7

Earth Zoom Pro X - 8

Earth Zoom Pro X - 9

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Earth Zoom Pro X

You don’t need any Keyframes.

  • No installation required.
  • Generate and import/replace map images by one click.
  • With the optimization tools, you can disable unnecessary layers and effects and prepare single click layers for fast rendering.
  • With many more features, you can easily edit your template.
  • Fully customizable timing.
    • Starting animation.
    • Zoom In and Zoom out.
    • Locations transition.
    • After Zoom In.
  • Easily opens the compositions to be edited…
  • Customize visual settings…
  • Enables quick editing of zoom map features…
  • Detailed adjustment for Zoom Level, Zoom Rotate and Zoom Out Level.
  • Fast render with optimization tools…
  • 99.5% Customizable
  • New and smart.
  • New unique features.
  • New and flexible structure.
  • Detailed adjustment of the zoom level and angle.
  • Global, Planar or Colored map texture options.
  • Google, Bing or MapQuest options.
  • The transition between locations at nearby level (without Global or Planar world and space background).
  • Perfect matching for near locations. You only need to set locations distance.
  • CS6, CC and above.
  • High Quality World Maps Texture
  • No need to extra Plug-in.
  • Video Tutorial Included (Separated help videos and pdf files).
  • 162 Special Customize Elements
  • Preview Gallery For Elements
  • Pins, Pointers, Call-outs, Info Boxes, Text Box Call-Outs, Text Boxes, Screens and Realistic Elements
  • 2D/3D Logo-Text maker for Zoom Map

Fonts : Lemon MilkFuture Earth Music : Trailer Inspiring

The folder name containing the template should not contain any special characters other than English language characters. Like Korean, Russian, Japanese and similar languages.

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