Dr Eric Amidi and the Secret Behind the Secret

Do you want to discover the Secret behind the Law of Attraction?

Dr Eric Amidi (also known as Erfan Amidi) has discovered through his scientific background and in depth research, the secret to mastering the law of attraction (like attracting like). You may have heard of Dr Amidi. He is a well known Quantum Physicist, who along with a team of Physicists at Fermilab, is responsible for discovering Top Quark in 1995.

Many people have embraced The Secret in DVD and book version, however many are not seeing the positive results they desire in their lives. The Secret teaches that what you think and feel creates your reality. This is known as the Law of Attraction, with like attracting like.

Dr Amidi speaks of 2 types of people –

  1. The few who master and apply The Secret.

  2. The majority who think just daydreaming and visualizing is what the Secret is about.

Dr Amidi shows you how to achieve the results you desire by teaching the ‘meat’ of The Secret , rather than just concepts. He too importantly, teaches how to apply it.

Dr Amidi’s Trinity System is based on 3 type of self-

  1. The Lower Self – The unconscious mind.
  2. The Middle Self – The conscious mind, responsible for logical thinking.

  3. The Higher Self – The superconscious mind, our direct connection with God or the Universe.

To achieve desires, the conscious mind is required to impress the subconscious mind in order to make contact with the superconscious mind. Alignment of the 3 selves is the ultimate goal and requirement in manifesting desires.

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