Don’t Scrimp on Self-Care – 5 Rituals to Help You Stay on Track

To embrace all that life has to offer, I advise you to move self-care to the top of your list every day.

Self-care is key to your success and satisfaction no matter what your goals and responsibilities may be.

We all know that life gets way too busy. Sometimes it gets so busy that you feel like you can’t carve out ANY time to take care of yourself. But that’s one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

The rituals you practice to take care of your mind, body, and spirit both soothe you and energize you. As a result, you experience more success and joy in your moments. This, in turn, transforms your feelings about time. And that affects everything you do.

5 Self-Care Rituals for you to build into your routine…

These rituals help you remember how important you are. When you practice them, the results are powerful and palpable.

Exercising relieves your stress and rejuvenates both your mind and body.

No matter where you start, getting the physical activity your body craves will revive your mood and enrich your life profoundly. Try a 10-minute walk to give your mind a rest or lift your spirits.

Whether you choose a brisk pace or a slow saunter to admire the landscape, consider it a gift to yourself to go for a brief stroll.

Re-acquaint yourself with the magic and exhilaration that nature provides.

Nothing relaxes and nurtures us like getting outdoors. Find time to sit on your porch and just watch the birds. Take a few minutes to care for a flower garden, or go for a walk in the park.

Take a Bath.

Bathing is one of the top self-soothing moments of your day. Rather than rush through your bath, take the time to soothe yourself by using a luscious soap or that new loofah sponge or bath puff. Light some scented candles, put on relaxing music, and take the time to fully enjoy your self-care time.

Find time to do the one thing you really love to do.

There’s something so special and nourishing about making the time and space to do something that you feel excited about. Maybe you love to read. Or perhaps you like to sew or work with wood.

No matter what your beloved activity, figure out a way to make it happen. Even if it’s every other day or once a week, an important part of self-care is doing what makes your heart sing.

Stay in touch with your feelings.

This is vital for the deepest and most meaningful self-care. When you’re honest with yourself about how you feel, you’ll have more peace and contentment inside.

Living your life based on your real feelings brings comfort and joy to your heart because you are in sync with yourself. It can be a challenge to be truthful with yourself and others about how you feel. But when you do, the rewards are great.

BONUS REMINDER: Self-care isn’t a luxury! Re-frame it for yourself as a responsibility.

Engaging in activities and rituals that soothe you deep inside enriches your time and your life. A regular practice of self-care demonstrates that you recognize your own worth.

You’ll deepen your experience of your moments and find more success and satisfaction by practicing soothing and energizing self-care rituals.

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