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Cool Timeline Plugin For WordPress (Create Horizontal, Vertical & Blog Post Timeline)

Cool Timeline Pro is an advanced WordPress timeline plugin that showcases your life history timeline or your company’s story timeline in a responsive horizontal or vertical chronological order based on the year and the date of your posts. It is best plugin to create a timeline theme. You can also convert your blog posts into a blog timeline by using this awesome timeline template maker plugin.

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Cool Timeline PRO (version 3.1+) now also provides instant timeline builder for Gutenberg lovers. You can easily create timeline in a real time using Gutenberg blocks and settings.
Cool Timeline Pro - WordPress Timeline Plugin - 2

Create Awesome Story Timeline Using Images, Videos & Slide-Show

You can represent your stories in an awesome timeline format by setting images, videos, slide-show and custom design and colors according to your theme. You can use this timeline plugin anywhere via simple short-code.

The plugin contains an advanced admin panel with lots of options for styling, customization and more.

Cool Timeline Pro plugin is used to create

  • Cool Cool Timeline Pro - WordPress Timeline Plugin - 3Horizontal and Vertical Timeline
  • Awesome Company Timeline
  • Cool Timeline Pro - WordPress Timeline Plugin - 4Blog Posts Timeline
  • Step by Step Tutorial Timeline
  • Program History
  • Your Company Storyline
  • Events Timeline
  • Life Stories/Timeline
  • Life Achievements
  • Personal Timeline
  • Author Biography Timeline
  • Product updates Timeline
  • Company History Timeline
  • Content Timeline
  • Startup Storyline

Cool features of Cool Timeline Pro

  • 40+ Timeline Designs
  • Cool Timeline Pro Provides 4 Timeline Layouts.
  • Colors & Typography:-
    Cool Timeline Pro provides advanced setting panel to easily manage timeline visibility settings, background / timeline elements colors and fonts / typography styles and color options.
  • Video, Images & Slider:-
    You can easily display small and big images, YouTube / Vimeo videos and images slide-show inside Cool Timeline Pro. You can add them easily while adding a timeline story.
  • Custom Color Option For Every Story:-
    While adding stories in Cool Timeline Pro, you can provide different colors for different stories, means you can easily create a multi-color timeline by using this advanced custom color feature provided by Cool Timeline Pro.
  • Multiple Timelines:-
    You can create multiple timelines in one website based on different categories by using Cool Timeline Pro WordPress plugin. You can display these timelines in any layout(vertical/horizontal) or design.
  • Easily Add Shortcode Using Smart Generator:-
    If you are using classic code editor inside WordPress while adding a new page or post then you can easily add shortcode inside any page by using smart shortcode generator tool inside your code editor.
  • Gutenberg / Elementor / WPBakery:-
    Easily Add Timeline Via Gutenberg Blocks, Elementor or WPBakery
    First publish stories one by one then you can show these stories in a timeline layout easily inside any page builder :- Gutenberg blocks, Elementor or WPBakery.
  • Custom Label / Text:-
    Show Custom Label Instead Of Date
    Cool Timeline Pro provides a features to show custom text in-place of date/time in timeline. You can add custom text and custom story order easily via simple settings while adding a timeline story.
  • ASC / DESC Order:-
    Timeline In Any Order ASC / DESC
    Timeline shortcode provides an option to show timeline in any order, you can show either ascending or descending order according to your needs.
  • Category Filters:-
    Show Filters In Timeline
    You can show category based filters above a timeline and user can see different category based timelines on one page by selecting a filter/category.
  • Post Timeline:-
    Blog Posts Timeline
    You can show your website blog posts on any page in a timeline layout using Cool Timeline Pro. Also you can represent any post-type in timeline layout by simply adding post-type slug in timeline shortcode.
  • Ajax Load More / Pagination:-
    Ajax Load More And Pagination Support
    Cool Timeline Pro provides both features – pagination and load more. If you have a lot of stories inside your timeline then you can add pagination or load more button after a particular number of stories in your timeline.
  • Scrolling Navigation:-

    Small Scrolling Navigation
    You can show a small scrolling navigation in your timeline page for quick timeline navigation. A user can quickly and easily reach to a particular year story by this small timeline navigation.

  • Icons In Timeline:-
    FontAwesome or Custom Image Icons
    You can show fontawesome or custom image icon along with every story inside your timeline.
  • HTML / Links / Read More:-
    Show HTML or Read More Inside Timeline
    You can show links, bold text or any custom HTML tag inside timeline stories or you can also show a read more link to full story page or any custom url.
  • Date Format:-
    Add Any Date Format Inside Timeline
    You can represent timeline dates inside any date format, just add a date format inside your shortcode and it will show date/year in your desired format. Check this url:-
  • Animations:-
    15+ Animation Effects
    Cool Timeline Pro provides 15+ cool animation effects for a premium timeline design experience.
  • Premium Support:-
    Premium Support For Pro Users
    We provide premium support service to our Pro users. If you face any issue while creating your dream timeline inside your website, just drop us a mail at here – and we will provide a solution in 24 hours.
  • Mobile Compatibility View
  • Use via shortcode
  • Easy installation ? purchase, download the zip, read the docs
  • Compatible with all major browsers, including IE ? compatible from IE9 to IE11, Chrome, Safari and Firefox

*While updating to latest version you will not loss any data.


Latest Version: 3.5 | 15/09/2020 |
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Support & Queries

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