Cheap Goggles – The Best Swimming Goggles on a Budget

The guide below shows you how you can score a great pair of swim goggles and stay well within your spending limit. The no-fuss goggles listed come highly recommended and can protect your eyes without emptying your wallet.

Speedo Hydrospex2 Goggles

Great because: Not only are they priced to sell, but they also are built to last!

At first glance, the Speedo Hydrospex2 Goggles might not seem like they should be a great bargain. They are designed with shatterproof Lexan lenses, come with a silicone speed fit head strap, and carry the prestigious Speedo name. But, these goggles are great recreational and fitness goggles for anyone on a budget. You’re sure to love their improved styling and comfort, as much as you love their price. The goggles tough lenses will help protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and help give you an expanded side view. The Hydrospex 2 goggles were made to stand the tests of time!

Barracuda Hydrolux Goggles

Great because: They offer luxurious comfort and style at an affordable price.

The Barracuda Hydrolux Goggles were designed to look great and provide an ultra comfortable fit. Their stylish, sleek design makes them look like a million bucks, even if you aren’t spending that to get your hands on a pair. The Hydrolux Goggles combine the comfort of SILTEX with the ultimate clarity of fog-resistant polycarbonate lenses. This affordable pair works great for fitness and open water swimmers.

Speedo Swedish Goggles Great because: World-class swimmers and novices on a budget can share the same great goggle.

In Speedo Swedish Goggles’ case, less really is more. These tried and true favorites can be found on elite level swimmers all over the country. Their no-nonsense design and low profile make them a great race day goggle. The Swedish Goggles come unassembled, which not only gives swimmers a chance to customize their fit, but also saves money in assembling and packaging costs. If you’re an experienced swimmer with a need for speed, especially one on a tight budget, then these goggles are perfect for you.

Barracuda Ultimate Goggles

Great because: They utilize advanced, patented technology set at low traditional prices.

The Barracuda Ultimate Goggles take advantage of the brand’s patented ‘positive pressure’ seal technology and give swimmers an ultimate, leak-free fit. This seal allows the lenses to lay extra close to the face to help reduce drag and improve field of vision.

Plus, the positive pressure system helps swimmers avoid dreaded ‘raccoon eye’, which results from overly tight-fitting frames. With this added feature, not only will you look smart because you picked an affordable goggle that had it all, but you can look great too! This budget-friendly choice comes in various colored frame and lens choices to help adapt you and your eyes to any underwater environment.

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