Change Yourself By Raising Your Own Standards

Every individual aspires to change in life for better, as only thing constant in life is Change! A change will be of real value if it is everlasting and consistent. Many of us experience changes which last only temporary, making us feel let down and there by disappointed subsequently. Many people have there by developed a mindset unconsciously that changes are always temporary. For example, some one wanting to lose weight, finds himself/herself procrastinating doing it as he /she unconsciously knows whatever efforts he/she puts to slim down, will be only rewarded for short time.

That does not mean that one cannot develop a mentality which will help in having a an ever lasting change. These are the same changes an individual must make in order to create personal change, a company to maximize its profits and so on. The same applies to the world community which must be made to preserve the quality of life globally.

One of the things an individual should do if he sincerely wants to make an everlasting change is to raise his standards. He must change as to what he demands from himself… obviously that should be for better or in fact the best!One should write down all the things he/she would no longer accept in his/her life, things which would be no longer tolerated, and all the things which one aspired to become!

There are many examples of people who raised their own standards and acted accordingly to maintain that benchmark. History has inspiring examples of people like Henry Ford, Albert Einstein and Steven Spielberg to name a few, who went many extra miles to raise their standards. The same power exists in every individual if he/she has the courage to unleash it. So, unleash the power within and begin with the first step – changing yourself!

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Source by Deepak M

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