Can Tote Bags Be Gifted?

Tote bags are one time solution for women handbags. Totes are of square shape with handles on sides, a large pocket and some smaller pockets at sides. Adept in multitasking, these bags can be used for many purposes by a working professional, for shopping, for school going kids, for carrying baby goods, and ultimately for gifting.

Yes, you can gift these bags to friends, family, and distribute in parties as return gifts. The bags being eco-friendly, spacious, and economical make them a precious gifting item.

Suppose you are organizing an all women get- together at your home. As return gifts, present them with the colorful and numerously patterned totes. How to go about it?

If you have limited budget, first of all, purchase wholesale tote bags. These bags are sold at heavy discounts. You can choose from several materials like nylon, cotton, leather, cargo, or treated canvas. Buy different sizes and having different patterns. An assortment of colors will look good rather than the simple drag ones.

Secondly, to add a personal touch, turn the totes into monogrammed bags by adding monograms on the bags. These can be pictures, Velcro pockets, straps, embroidery, letters, or name of the women. You can design it as a small scrapbook displaying several past moments all of you spent together. Prepare the monogrammed tote bags a day in advance and pack them in beautiful and colorful covers.

Some other great popular bags include Nine West Soft Touch Tote Bag, Cosmopolitan Leather Tote Bag, and Rina Rich Women’s Day Satchel. By multitasking, I mean they can function as diaper bags, shopping bag, travel tote, school bag, fashionable briefcase, beach tote, gym bag, and many more.

Many find the large size of totes annoying, but if you have lots of things to carry, then personalized bags are right for you.

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