Burnt by Madoff – Try Forex Investing

Many victims of the Bernard Madoff investment fraud (as reported in the Sunday Times 21st December) thought they could truly trust Madoff to look after their nest-egg, inheritance, or even the spoils of a very successful series of entrepreneurial ventures.

It is an unfortunate state of affairs all too common since the credit crunch hit us, that far too many people out there are far too eager to take your money, and rather than invest it honestly in a scheme that has to embrace certain levels of risk, they take the seemingly easy route, and fraudulently use your money. This puts the level of risk unacceptably high and will only benefit the fraudster.

How can you ever decide who to trust with your money again?

Madoff was charged with collecting your funds, and investing them in regulated projects that (supposedly) returned around 12 – 15% per annum on your money. Also, all of his investments should have been made under the scrutiny of U.S. Government regulatory bodies, but it would seem that his activities were all cloaked in secrecy, and never properly scrutinized.

With such relatively small potential returns, and probably bearing a tax burden on top of that even if they did perform as allegedly they were to do, the risk to return factor would seem to be out of all proportion to the potential risks involved.

OK, so now suppose that you actually take a small (or not so small) part in handling your investments – well, those that you may have left – where you could get potentially over15% per month, and if done correctly, could be legally except from any tax liability? Surely that is what you would call an exciting adventure? And guess what? You could be driving this new and exciting investment yourself…

This investment is FOREX – Foreign Exchange – a multi-trillion dollar daily market, far bigger than most other investment markets combined…

But before you dismiss this as a totally risky, unregulated activity that only gamblers operate – Its NOT gambling, and if done in a professional manner, can make over 15 – 30% compound growth on your investment.

Two things will make your FOREX investments really great :-

  1.  Don't be greedy
  2.  Don't be emotional
  3.  Don't be in a hurry

Now, there are systems and courses out there on the Internet that can take you from:-

  • Low risk FOREX robots (automated software that you buy outright that will trade for you)
  • Managed Forex Robots (where you don’t buy a robot, you rent it, and the manufacturer trades it for you for a small monthly fee)
  • Trading tools that guide you to invest for yourself, which you rent on a monthlyy basis
  • Managed Forex Funds, where you pass over your funds for a company to invest for you (but you take at least 25% of your gains out on a small monthly basis). Usually returning on average around 5% on capital (over 60% per annum).
  • Apprenticeships in Trading, where you are trained in trading for up top 6 months, but after the second month you trade their money, and keep 50% of the profits.

Now, I am not qualified to advise you on what route to take ( I do not have the same high level of regulatory body assignations as somebody like Bernard Madoff has…), so you must carry out your own investigations on the internet on what route you would take in the Forex market.

You never know, you could actually double your money every year if you get your sums right.

Don’t take my word for it – look up the Forex market on the internet, and see what is out there.

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