Building Self Confidence For Huge Success

You only have to look around you to see that most people tend to see other people’s situation as better than their own and wish to make changes in their life, if they can afford to. A number of these individuals exhibit high self confidence though in truth, they are hiding behind the facade of lack of self confidence or low self-worth.

Lack of self confidence is usually expressed in talking oneself down not just in public but most significantly, self dialogue you tend to have with yourself, which gets programmed in your thoughts and turns into a habitual way of thinking or addressing yourself. Sometimes, people tend to make fun of themselves in a disparaging way. This habit does not do anything to increase self confidence. Low self confidence keeps you from appreciating many areas of life including unfulfilling relationships, profession and personal development.

One of many key components in the path to personal growth is boosting self confidence with a view to living life to the full and harnessing your capability. Learning to improve your self confidence will save you from toxic relationships, stagnant career or even difficulty in getting a job, to mention a few.

The good news is that nothing stays still in perpetuity and with some effort, you’ll be able to turn things around, start to see a major shift in your level of confidence. So how do you begin? There are some basic self improvement tips you could explore and be keen to take the necessary action to make it beneficial. Good intention with no deed is simply ineffective so right here are some exercises to think about:

What do you fear the most?

Until you decide what you’re apprehensive about, it will be a bit arduous to begin improving your self confidence. For instance, if you’re anxious about job interviews, do not deny that position so that you could take steps to make progress. By denying your fears, you are mainly hurting one person; you. Marcus Turllius Cicero stated: “If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. With confidence, you have won even before you have started”.

Know yourself

The path to building your confidence begins with appreciating yourself. It is one thing to hold other people in high esteem and it is another to place them over yourself or permit their views to gain more prominence than yours. Self awareness will enable you to to understand, admire and respect who you are a lot more and learn to be your best self.

Jot down your ideas

Writing is an excellent habit that makes you think a bit more. Through writing, you will also start to explore your inmost thoughts. Many successful people maintain memoirs, which in time will aid your thinking and behavioural patterns from which you can do what it takes to succeed.

Adjust your inner dialogue

Your level of confidence is closely related to your internal dialogue. Just imagine how you’d feel if somebody admonishes you or makes disparaging remarks about you. Would you simply curl up and passively accept it? If you’re not willing to accept other people’s disrespect and digs, why are you keen allow yours?

Perfection is only real in movies!

Nobody is perfect even though generally movies attempt to depict that sense of perfection. Life is an ever evolving experience and there are many troughs and peaks on the way, so why do you have to require yourself to be excellent in everything? Settle for who you are and commence on improving what you have.

Develop your self confidence with positive affirmations

Words are very powerful especially when spoken with intent. Positive affirmations are intentionally expressed positive statements that reflect your deepest aspirations and when repeated regularly, go a long way to harness new patterns of thought in your mind. The following are some illustrations of affirmations to get you started. Keep in mind that they should be positive, written in present tense and affirmative:

“I’m self confident and persuasive at next week’s interview”

“I’m successful and strong”

“I’m confident in all situations”

“I approve of myself and am OK with myself”

Affirmations should not be simply narrated casually, it’s good to repeat them with intent and feeling, believing in the outcome you require as if it has already been accomplished. These will assist to super-charge and improve your self confidence.

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Source by Jo Richards

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