Broadband Consciousness – Ten Myths Exposed

In this article I will expose ten myths surrounding the personal development industry and why Broadband Consciousness is steadfastly gaining a reputation for being one of the best in the field for creating the life you want through inspiration, awareness and higher levels of consciousness. These ten myths will blow the lid on the personal development industry. The tricks and tactics used or not used to protect their income and enable you, the reader to make a better informed decision, when choosing your next personal development course and ultimately choosing your destiny.

As somebody who has amassed a collection of personal development books, DVDs and studied Bob Proctors material (as featured in ‘The Secret’) I wanted to see for myself why everyone was giving rave reviews about Richard Wilkins with partner and co-founder Liz Ivory. Even before I expose the ten myths, I was pleasantly surprised that the Broadband Consciousness Open Day held in Northampton (UK) included tea, coffee and lunch. Now, I’ve travelled to many seminars and the most you get is a glass of water. I wasn’t even fussed if I had lunch, because I was dieting!!

When Richard Wilkins came on stage, with his must see pink jacket and flowing white hair, he reminded me of Professor Dumbledore from Harry Potter. Unlike other seminar speakers who are suited and booted Richard Wilkins wore a pair of jeans and trainers. However, he didn’t just expose one myth about the Personal Development industry, he exposed many. Here are my top ten:

Ten – It is not NLP, Weekend Retreat, Meditation, Praying nor Positive Thinking. It’s Not Fire Walking, Hypnosis, Chopping Karate Boards, Sweat Lodge Retreat, Law Of Attraction and Onion Layer! Nor is it Self Torture with a wrist band. Nor is it a high energy rah, rah event which will leave you flat once you return home.

Nine – “Reading self help books or watching ‘The Secret’, isn’t going to cut it either! Although well intentioned, they make you feel good, only for a short while”. I’ve got a collection of personal development books on my shelf and I remember feeling good once I read them. With so many of these books, you’re left pondering what to do next? What do many people do? They go and buy another book. Some will go on another course.

Just like Liz Ivory did, spending in excess of £50k travelling the world, doing course after course. In her own words “I’ve done more courses than a thorough bred race horse”

Eight – “What would you choose to hold onto, a criticism or a compliment?”

In my head I said ‘compliment’. Liz Ivory followed up with “most people will say they would hold onto a compliment, when asked what do they really hold onto? – Nearly everybody will hold onto a criticism! We have been influenced to accept that this is the way it is and we are simply not choosing” “Why would we choose to hold onto something that makes us feel bad?”

Seven – “Name somebody that you have never met, absolutely admire and respect?” The normal answer would be Gandhi, Nelson Mandela or Richard Branson. “Why do you respect these people?” “It’s because we know their story”. “Gaining respect isn’t about seniority, grade or salary! It’s about knowing the person and their story”.

Six – Real-life Testimonials. In all the seminars I have attended, none of them did the following. Richard Wilkins introduced several people who had done Broadband Consciousness, this was the first time I had seen graduates of any course come up on stage, some more nervous than others and tell it in their own words. Even University’s do not do this.

One lady had suffered with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) – not any more. One man was on anxiety tablets for 20 years and within a matter of weeks had come off the prescribed medication. Another was diagnosed with ‘Degenerative Eye Disorder’, this wasn’t a misdiagnosis, the eye specialist couldn’t believe the eye disorder had corrected itself.

Another was a financial director who quit his post to pursue his passion, which is film making. This guy will have a film out soon and has signed some big names! Next up was a lady, who spoke about how wonderful her relationship had become after Broadband Consciousness.

Five – “It’s not knowing the hundreds of things you can do to improve your life, it’s the one thing you can do that will release you, to your infinite source”. Many courses or self-help books give you lists and lists of things to do, Richard Wilkins and Liz Ivory are stating it’s just ‘One’.

Four – The reason so many books, DVDs, and self-development courses ultimately fail is because they work on correcting people at a behaviour level and not identity. Richard Wilkins then mentioned “It is just as easy to enjoy your future before it happens, than it is to worry about it.”

Most people will worry about events of tomorrow, although they have not happened and if they were to give that thought and imagination to enjoy the future before it happens, then we wouldn’t have the civil war that goes on between our ears”. Broadband Consciousness works on an identity level.

Three – They will work with you. Yes, correct! Richard Wilkins and Liz Ivory will be teaching you, in a maximum group size of ten and for five days. Most other courses run over a weekend, with twenty to thirty people and at least double, if not triple the price! Other courses are distance-based learning through the Internet. Most courses do not allow open access to their course directors. Richard Wilkins and Liz Ivory will work closely with you.

Two – They will show you ‘The How’ – Other courses will take your money and give you the ‘list’ of things to do. Not one course in the world will take you by the hand and show you ‘The How’.

One – I know from intellectual study and even the way our memory system works, if it isn’t regularly reinforced over a period of time most material learned will get weaker with time.

All the real-life testimonials mentioned one key ingredient as to why Broadband Consciousness works. They all revealed “This Gets Stronger With Time”. Richard Wilkins, the self-proclaimed ‘Minister Of Inspiration’ and co-founder of Broadband Consciousness has created something amazing. What Richard Wilkins and co-founder Liz Ivory have created is a realization which is bigger than the pair of them! Even in their own words – “It’s difficult to explain, but easy to grasp”.

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