Big Dreams and Big Data

1.1 Getting your head in the game

Go back in time to the 90s and you will find that computers hardly ever dealt with data of massive scope and size. Back then a 40 MB hard drive was considered to be a luxury. As we advance in the field of computer science by leaps and bound, we find ourselves being more and more dependent on it. Modern day computers can now hold more than a terabyte of data but today’s industries generate multiple terabytes of data over a short time. Modern day firms, be they IT or some other sector, deal in huge quantities of data. Consider Facebook- it generates a staggering 105 TB of data every 30 minutes. To process such an immense amount of data for valuable insights, you need to know what big data is all about.

1.2 Get your foot in the door

Whether you are new to the IT sector or you are a veteran of sorts, time and again, you have most probably come across the words “Big Data”, for it is something that is in high demand all over the world. No company wants to make investments that will not prove profitable for them and that’s where data analysts step in. Data analysts play the crucial role of crunching through numbers and figures obtained from the data to help the firm make calculated decisions about various marketing strategies.

How can you be a part of this big digital trend? All that is required is to pass an exam. It is simple so long as you have the passion and training for it, although these exams are not to be taken lightly as they require both time and money to attempt.

1.3 Way up in the clouds

Cloudera is one of the distinct names people always come across when they are talking about Big Data because it was the first company to build a business successfully around the professional deployment of Hadoop. Cloudera provides certification broadly divided into two distinct types. First is the Cloudera Certified Professional which is the most advanced course they offer. The other is the Cloudera Certified Associate which vouches for the candidate’s foundational skills.

1.4 There is always another way

Certify your skills and accelerate your career. Another giant in the tech industry, IBM, also has certification programs for demonstrating your expertise in the related IBM technologies. For Big Data, IBM has set out two distinct tests- Big Data Engineer and Big Data Architect. Both of these exams can be taken online and consist of multiple choice questions through which they test the depth of knowledge and the proficiency of the candidate in each of the related areas.

Next up is MongoDB. This product is something most of the veterans in the field of IT are aware of. For the newcomers MongoDB is a free and open-source cross-platform document-oriented database program. Like all other reputable industries in the sector the certification provided by MongoDB carries some weight.

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