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Foot inserts are non-prescription footrests designed for use inside a shoe. Shoe soles are generally useful for a wide variety of foot ailments, such as foot and leg pain, as well as for flat arches. They are specially designed to offer optimal comfort, but also to cushion the feet and support the vaults. However, these inserts do not correct the biomechanical problems of the foot and do not even deal with long-standing foot problems.

Among the most common types of soles are arch supports, insoles, insoles, and footpads. Foot cushions are often used to create a barrier between your shoes and your feet, especially when shoes rub against your toes or heels. Also known as heel cups or heel pads, the heel liners are used to provide extra cushioning, especially in the heel area. The arch supports are designed with a bumpy appearance that helps support the natural arch of the foot. The insoles are often slipped into the shoe for extra support and cushioning and are often made of plastic, foam or gel.

Wearing an insole can keep your foot properly aligned to help prevent foot pain. If the foot is properly aligned, it increases the stride and makes you more comfortable. The weight being spread over the foot, the stress is not concentrated in certain areas of the foot.

Here are the inserts of shoes that can help prevent excessive pain:

ViveSole Plantar Fasciitis Insoles



Plantar Series Full Orthotics from ViveSole

Designed by podiatrists to provide superior support to the natural form of the foot, ViveSole Plantar Series Orthopedic Insoles relieve foot pain caused by plantar fasciitis, flat feet, high arches, and others. Shock absorbing inserts also reduce foot tension and fatigue by minimizing the impact of each step. Easy to wear in most shoe styles, including casual shoes, dresses, and sneakers, lightweight insoles can be cut for a personalized fit. The washable insoles are also lined with a soft material to eliminate unpleasant odors.

Comfortable support for the relief of plantar fasciitis:

Relieving the pain of plantar fasciitis, the biomechanical design of the Vivesole plantar series supports the natural shape of your foot by eliminating painful pressure points. It effectively stabilizes the foot to relieve the pain caused by flat feet and excessive pronation as well as heel and metatarsal pain. Comfortably padded, the inserts are also useful for relieving leg and back pain.

Insoles designed by a chiropodist to absorb shocks:

Designed by podiatrists to provide superior support to the foot, the inserts include extra cushioning on the forefoot.

Versatile cut along the entire length:

Easy to wear with most shoes, the versatile inserts of the Plantar series can be cut for a custom fit. Full-length orthotics do not slip or slip for added stability and comfort. Built with a lightweight composite material, durable soles retain their shape without flattening for greater portability. The upper layer of each sole is made of a breathable material that eliminates odors. Easily removable, the insoles are washable.

Shoe Insert



New Balance Insoles 3810 Ultra Support Insole Shoe


Shoe insert

New Balance insoles now offer a new look! These are the same high-quality insoles that you love and rely on, now with improved packing and surface appearance.

The padded insole is designed with cushioning of the heel and forefoot.

Built with flexible bows in mind, the Ultra Archinsole offers you separate cushioning at the heel and forefoot to treat research problems.

Product Details:

  • Absorb padding is strategically placed for maximum shock absorption in the heel and forefoot
  • Anti-blister / antimicrobial top cover keeps feet cool, dry and odor-free
  • Fits most sports, sports and hiking shoes with removable soles
  • These insoles can help prevent and relieve pain associated with plantar fasciitis
  • Rigid molded arch support
  • Separate cushioning of heel and forefoot

Shoe Insert




Superfeet GREEN Insoles


Shoe insert

Shock absorption and legendary support make the original SUPERFEET GREEN soles the undisputed champions of Superfeet heavyweights.

GREEN insoles provide professional-grade, professional-grade support, performance, and comfort at an affordable price for anyone who wants their footwear to fit and feel better. Durable construction – Superfoot insoles retain their shape, providing reliable support and comfort for up to 12 months or 500 km, whichever comes first.

Fit profile:

High volume / high profile (the volume is the amount of space that the sole will occupy in your shoe, the profile is the shape you can expect to feel under your foot). Full-length Superfeet insoles must be adjusted to fit your shoes

Stabilizer cap:

Acts as base of the sole that supports the rearfoot and gives structure and stability to the foam layer

Deep heel cup:

Includes the widest and deepest heel that provides maximum support and can help absorb shocks naturally

Superfeet shape:

Contoured shape helps stabilize and support the foot, which can help reduce stress on the feet, ankles, and knees

High-density foam layer:

Closed-cell foam supports and cushions the foot for long-lasting comfort.

Shoe Insert




Spenco Polysorb Shoe Insoles



The best combination of shock absorption & energy return

Proven cushioning and support improves athletic performance and prolongs the life of your shoes. Ideal for running, walking, training, and sports.

The PolySorb Anatomy

PolySorb Cushioning Insoles provide the best combination of shock absorption and energy return. This powerful duo works together to provide lasting comfort, help prevent injury and relieve foot pain.

Shoe Insert




Orthotics Insoles



WAKI HOME is an ideal sole for the body, designed to maximize comfort, promote alignment and reduce fatigue. Your pair of WAKI HOME insoles will closely follow the curves of your foot to give you the support and stability you need to keep going.

Better and more suitable for you 

Six of the most professional experts spent a year specializing in studying the feet of Europeans and Americans and their common problems & then designed these athletic orthopedic insoles, which are best.

New radiation on technology

The introduction of advanced integrated forming technology can make the entire production process without any glue. WAKI HOME insoles are therefore totally respectful of the environment.

Materials of high technology and high quality 

The deep hold of the heel maintains the correct positioning of the foot. Protects your heel during the important impact of the landing when walking or running and stabilizes the foot. Made in the USA Heel PORON material offers better cushioning on the heels and relieves heel pain, which is ideal for plantar fasciitis.

Medical Insoles

Ideal for the most common foot problems, such as flat feet, plantar fasciitis, foot, arches and heel pain, arthritis, knee pain, supination, onions, overpronation.

Shoe Insert




Physix Gear Sport Full Length Orthotic Inserts 


shoe insert

Developed for convenience, comfort, safety and durability, Physix unique orthotic inserts and shoe soles relieve and prevent all types of foot injuries, such as foot and heel pain, heel spurs, fasciitis plantar, flat feet, foot-ball pain, Achilles tendinitis & Iliotibial band syndrome, etc.

Ergonomically designed for maximum performance for men and women, no matter where you go and what you do!

Double-Layered Cushion, durable EVA foam base and variable cushioning technology provide long-lasting comfort and targeted cushioning with a soft heel and ball feel – effortlessly!

Overpronation is one of the major factors in many sports injuries, including plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis and shin splints.

Physix insoles reduce stress and pressure on the lower limbs while helping to maintain correct posture and reduce the risk of lower back pain.

Shoe Insert




Dr. Scholl’s ARCH Pain Relief Orthotics


shoe insert

Developed for convenience, comfort, safety, and durability this Dr. Scholl’s unique orthotic inserts and shoe soles relieve and prevent all types of foot injuries, such as foot and heel pain, heel spurs, fasciitis plantar, flat feet, foot-ball pain, Achilles tendinitis & Iliotibial band syndrome, etc.

Dr. Scholl’s has been a trusted brand in foot care since 1904 when Dr. William Mathias Scholl, grandson of a cobbler, launched the company under the name Dr. Scholl Inc.

Shoe Insert





Samurai Insoles Instant Relief Orthotics


shoe insert

If you’re one of the millions of people who suffer from flat feet, you know how miserable this can be. Standing, walking, exercising … all of this sounds like a huge chore. And even worse, foot problems often cause pain radiating through your legs and even into your back. It’s downright atrocious … and it stops you from enjoying the activities you take for granted!

Samurai soles have been designed by a leading podiatrist to address the root causes of flat, tired feet. Unlike most shoe insoles, Samurai insoles have a molded, elastic inner core that provides optimal support in the right places. You get the comfort you deserve all day with a pair of orthopedic insoles, discreet and to wear everywhere, which will fit perfectly in your shoes.

These are lightweight, yet highly effective, orthopedic insoles that offer the support and comfort you need. Versatile and durable, these orthopedic insoles offer flat feet the support they need to fight against pain and fatigue … no matter what your child’s lifestyle is!

Shoe Insert




Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles 


shoe insert

These soles are specially designed for people who work on hard surfaces and feel discomfort and fatigue of the feet and legs. The built-in silicone material absorbs shock, reduces foot pressure, relieves pain and provides all-day comfort. These shock-absorbing insoles help you stay more energetic while you work.

Ideal for foot and heel conditions such as

✔Flat Feet  ✔Fasciitis Plantar ✔Foot, Arch, and Heel Pain ✔Arthritis

✔ Knee Pain ✔Supination ✔Bunions ✔Overpronation

Designed for everyday use, provides moderate control and support for walking or hiking shoes, work shoes, and boots. Comfort and cushioning for all types of leisure shoes or every day.

Shoe Insert




Powerstep Original Full Length Orthotic Shoe Insoles


Shoe insert

The original and fundamental design of Powerstep from which all our other orthopedic insoles have been developed. Encapsulated design with firm yet flexible support shell, integrated arch support and heel cradle for added stability.

Ultra-slim, streamlined design fits most casual, dressy and athletic shoes. Ideal for preventing and relieving pain associated with plantar fasciitis, metatarsal pain, and discomfort in the heel or arch, mild to moderate pronation and sore feet. The care instructions are cleaned with a mild detergent.

Shoe Insert



Once you have purchased the best insoles for your feet then you need to know several insole care tips to ensure they provide maximum benefits in the long run without damage or wear. When used regularly or daily, most countertop insoles last approximately one year.

Seasonally and occasionally used footwear can extend the life of the soles to several years. Some of the care tips include airing, washing and inspecting regularly. People with wet or sweaty feet should regularly vent their insoles to allow moisture and perspiration between the shoe and the insole to dry out. Inspecting them helps identify signs of wear and tear and when they need to be replaced.

We hope you found this information helpful and be sure to check back on a regular basis.

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