Be at the Top of Your Field With IT Certifications

Being an accredited professional in the workplace today is without a doubt one of the crucial elements of succeeding in your career. A seasoned I.T professional will always keep up to date; will have a broad amount of knowledge, as well as specialist knowledge too. There are a vast variety of certifications on the market, which will improve prospects as well as knowledge. In particular, there are a few favourites on the market made by the top experts out there.

Microsoft Certifications

Particular favourites are the MCSE, MCSA and the MCITP, which demonstrate your skills as an I.T professional in implementing, maintaining and creating infrastructures based on Windows server. According to I.T experts, Microsoft certifications can open up around 1,000 career opportunities, making it one of the most desirable certifications out there.


The A+ certification by CompTIA is a system neutral I.T technician certification. This certification is vital for I.T technicians who want to demonstrate knowledge of implementing security, installing networks, taking preventative maintenance measures and troubleshooting for all system vendors. It has a more generalized span of knowledge, since it’s a system neutral certification, which certainly can be useful in sectors that use many different systems.

Also available from CompTIA are the CompTIA Network+ and the CompTIA Security+ certifications.

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

If you’re wishing to follow the Cisco career path into networking, CCNA certification is definitely for you. It helps you configure, operate and install medium sized WAN and LAN’s, as well as teaching you to troubleshoot. This is identified as a second level certification and once gained, you can go onto the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP), which steps up your skills. The latter certifications means you can see the networking process straight through from the planning process up to troubleshooting at a more advance level.

Other more advanced Cisco certifications include the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE), which is for the highly seasoned professional at the top of his or her field. The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Voice is also part of the CCIE track and has become increasingly popular with the rise VoLP ( a digital telephone service that works through online networks).

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