Are There Any Guarantees At Home Opportunities Make Money?

Can You Find A Work At Home Opportunity That Guarantees Making Money?

It seems all logic goes out the window when looking for a work from home opportunity. It’s simply not logical to think work from home opportunities are any different than any other type of self employment. In most cases, work from home opportunities are a form of self employment and as in any other business there is a certain amount of risk involved.

It depends greatly on the funding, expertise and dedication of the person going into business for its success or failure. There is no chicken that laid the golden egg, someone is going to have to put a certain amount of effort for the gold to start flowing. A formula to follow is, the success of any business is in direct proportion to the effort applied. That’s right it’s the old, “reap what you sew” adage. This is a law that is as effective yesterday and today as it will be tomorrow. You must apply sweat equity to make a new business grow.

One of the greatest mistakes most people make is when starting a business venture they believe it guarantees they will make money. This just isn’t so. There are no valid business or investment opportunities that will guarantee you will make money but there plenty that guarantee that you will lose money.

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There are many business opportunities that use the word guarantee in their sales brochures because the word “guarantee” attracts attention and reduces “buying anxiety.” Prospect are more apt to become a customers if they feel their purchase is guaranteed.

People fail to realize the less the risk, the less the return although risk is not the only factor in a successful business venture. Higher risk coupled with high application and strategic planning increases success. So risk, application and planning could be used as a success formula.

Risk can be greatly reduced by analyzing the venture before becoming involved. Who are the people behind the opportunity? What is their track record? How successful are their clients? Is there a need for their product or service in your community? Do they have a proven business plan? How much bang are you getting for your buck? How well do they back up their business partners? These and many more questions should be explored before becoming involved with any business opportunity.

Earning an income is a matter of preference. Some people feel comfortable working for someone else. They like the idea of getting a paycheck on a regular basis. The mere idea of striking out on their own terrifies them. There are other people who would have it no other way, they love the challenge, adventure and prestige of owning their own business.

The days of starting a business “cold turkey” are, for the most part passed. Now a turn key, franchise, licensing or business opportunity can be had with full business plan, logos, proven advertising copy, and even uniforms. The sky is the limit and pocketbook the fuel to purchase any kind of business one could imagine.

Starting a business is, for the most part, expensive, risky and laborious. For a person who is not well funded, it’s better to start part-time and work into full-time. Unless you really know what you are doing or are willing to learn, don’t even think about setting off on your own. It’s like being on a cruse ship in the middle of the ocean and deciding to take your family and set off in a life boat with no direction. One day away from the comfort of the ship and you are begging to get back. Fear, anxiety, uncertainty grip you to the very core. You fear for your family, your ability to feed, shelter and cloth them. What if the sharks come? Where will you find water? You wish you were back on the cruse ship, warm, well fed and safe.

Starting a business, any way you look at it, is setting out on your own. Your family is depending on your good judgment and willingness to work long hard hours. You had better have all your ducks in a row before you make the leap.

If you have any reservations about self employment then, by all means, don’t do it.

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