Are Self Help Books Helping You?

You’ve realised that you want your life to improve; you want to change it for the better. So you head to the bookstore, aim for the self help and personal development section and select those books that appeal to you. You even go online and may listen to recordings and teleseminars. Maybe six – twelve months down the line, you’re feeling quite impressed with how many books and articles you have read – but your life still hasn’t changed. What’s the problem? Where’s the block?

In searching for the answer to success you may actually be hindering your results. While reading, getting ideas and planning are important in your path to success, the key is actually having time left to take action! You could read all the self improvement books you can find, but without leaving time to action the advice within those pages, you will still be in your starting position.

Your brain is like a computer – whatever you put in is exactly what you will get out. Put in negative thoughts and you will get negative results. Put in positive thoughts; you will get positive results. Your thoughts do determine whether you are focused on heading towards or away from your goals, and they also put you in a positive or negative mindset – but you have to actually act on them to produce the results you want.

Don’t get me wrong – working on your mindset is incredibly important. Reading how to improve any area of your life will open your mind to the opportunities available to you. You have to keep focusing on the positive thoughts and dispel those negative ones, to keep you in a positive mindset and focused on your goals and ambitions.

Accentuating those positive thoughts will attract more positive thoughts, and you are more likely to spot opportunities to help you achieve your goals, by keeping positive. So look for the positive in everything you do and in everyone you meet. But you need to enhance this by actually doing something to help yourself.

So, read those self help books – but then put the ideas and exercises into action. Apply what you learn to your life. Don’t skip doing the exercises set out inside the book. Don’t wait until you’ve finished the book before you take action. Implement those suggestions and changes now. Write down your goals and break them down into smaller steps. But then take that first step now.

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