Anger – Are You Literally Shaking With It?

Are you or someone you know perpetually angry or volatile? Do you easily take offense… fly off the handle when someone shoves in front of you in a line, says something rude or cuts you off in traffic? Do you ever find yourself literally so red faced and angry you are shaking? If so, it may not be just because of what someone else did or the immediate situation, but because anger is trapped in your body on the cellular level. What does that mean?

It means that when we go through an emotionally charged experience, the result can be an electrical short circuit in our nervous system that can ultimately become lodged somewhere in the body. Over a period of time a trapped emotion can cause all sorts of psychological, emotional or physical distress for which there may be no ready or reasonable explanation.

Trapped emotions are quite common in those who have suffered abuse in childhood. When abuse occurs at a young age, a child’s immature brain has no way to process what is happening. Unfortunately, all too often the ones the child would logically turn to for comfort or support are the abusers themselves, which leaves the child with no one to listen or help. As a result, the child “stuffs” the emotions, which then become lodged in his or her body where they can be carried for a lifetime.

How does this affect us in adulthood? Ben R. is a perfect example. Nothing ever seemed to work out for him. As a young child he was constantly yelled at by his parents and spanked, even for minor infractions. In elementary school, he was bullied by his classmates and punished by teachers for misbehavior. Labeled as a “screw up” and a dummy by his family, he was repeatedly told as he grew up that he was “no good” and would never amount to anything. That was before his family finally threw him out. At sixteen he had an argument with his second stepmother that resulted in his father telling Ben to get out of their lives and not come back.

As a result, Ben dropped out of school, lived on the streets for a time and got involved with drugs and alcohol. The only emotion Ben felt comfortable expressing was anger, and there were plenty of opportunities for him to do that. As an adult, he struggled with relationships, and after three failed marriages of his own, gave up on the whole idea. He could never keep a job either or hold onto money. Ben angrily blamed all his misfortunes on others. To him, life was totally unfair–other people always got all the breaks and everyone had it in for him. Ben was literally “shaking” with the anger trapped in his body that he had unknowingly carried around for years. As time went on, his behavior became more and more explosive. Even something seemingly insignificant could cause him to lose control, and unable to keep his temper in check, he was headed for serious trouble. Unfortunately for people like Ben, this pattern will continue without intervention.

The more trapped emotions you have the more negative energy you are radiating and the more you are attracting. (Like attracts like.) Not only can trapped emotions create disorder in your life, they can eventually even interfere with the normal functioning of your body.

Now there is a healing technique known as The Emotion Code™, which provides an effective way to clear trapped emotions. Developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson over a period of 21 years, The Emotion Code™ is a method of finding and identifying emotions that are trapped in the body and bringing them to the surface where they can be released.

If you are chronically angry (or suffer from any other persistent emotional problems) and/or you have unexplainable aches, pains or symptoms for which traditional medicine has no answer, trapped emotions could well be the culprit. Checking into The Emotion Code™ is an easy way to find out. You may discover you have a lot to lose.

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