American Indians Arts and Crafts, Are They the Best Kids Crafting Ideas?

Often in traveling to California I’d take Route 66 which is my favorite way to go because of the scenic roads. I often find myself stopping at an outpost along the highway, and admiring the American Indians arts and crafts. In my mind I’m brought back to a time, when as a young child I was taught to create arts and crafts of this nature.

In my opinion one of the best crafts you can teach your children is to make Indian crafts. Indians arts and crafts range from the complex to the very simple. I believe this is because of the vast amount of American Indian tribes that have contributed to Indian arts and crafts. This is also a good way to teach your kids about American history, and the tradition, and spirituality of a beautiful people.

One of my favorite projects of arts and crafts to work on as a kid, was to hand make moccasins. I thought it was very neat to actually make something like a shoe. Even though I never got my pair of moccasins to stay together no longer than a week or two, and I never was able to get my pottery shaped the right way. I still was able to enjoy doing American Indians arts and crafts.

The main detail that came to my mind while searching through the outpost was how easily my scoutmaster was able to show me a good time, and instill in me the ability to learn about other cultures and have an open mind.

So, if you’re thinking about starting on arts and crafts project with your kid. One of the best things I would suggest is to look into Native American Indians arts and crafts. It should turn into a great learning experience for you and your child, and should be something that they will never forget. Remember, that one of the key things to do is to also teach them a little history on the actual crafting that is being done.

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