A Perfect Antidote To Terror And Complex Manual Processes

They say, “God is the original surveillance camera.” Agreed! But that doesn’t help in a fast-moving technological world. To overcome everyday terror, a disciplined and reliable solution is needed. With advancement in technology, surveillance with the best video analytics and industry-specific solutions would prove to be a complete security package.

With corporates and enterprises establishing their footprints on a global scale, centralized monitoring is the hour-of-the-need. The challenges faced by corporates concerning security are ubiquitous in nature and have no end. One solution would not be enough to overcome the same. This is when a customized solution comes into the picture. Video surveillance with intelligent video analytics such as motion detection, trip wire, intrusion detection, loitering, crowd management, parking management, etc., assures foolproof security along with customer satisfaction.

Video management delivers video analytics and notifies about the event, if any, to the right person in real-time to ensure security. This is what corporates aim at when looking for a video surveillance solution. Without preventive security, half of the unfortunate events slip from the investigator’s hands and the same story repeats. Thus, one should keep a keen eye while choosing a surveillance solution for their enterprise.

With increasing population, people mobility is also one of the growing concerns. Places such as malls, retail chains, government offices, banks, etc., where keeping a count on footfall is of high importance, people counting system would prove beneficial. This analytic would not just help in terms of security but will also help measure the frequency and pattern of customer visits for future analysis to deliver the best service.

Another challenge for enterprises is parking management. Despite strict rules, implementation of the same is not a 100 percent on the organizations’ part. This leads to chaos and disputes among the employees and customers. Moreover, the hustle and bustle that this problem creates disturb the productivity of many. A solution that takes care of every problem related to parking management is essential. The analytics that comes with parking management solution are unauthorized parking, wrong way detection, improper parking, availability of parking space, and prohibited parking detection for vehicles. This will result in an unerring and smooth process for any organization.

To summarize, video management software with the above-mentioned analytics would do wonders for corporates and enterprises looking for a complete surveillance solution. This will help them get rid of the complex manual processes and ensure foolproof security.

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