5 Top Tips To Be Better Organised in Business, Work and Life

Quite often we know what we want to achieve in life, but we do not know how to plan our lives to achieve it. Organisation and planning are vital if we want to get to where we want to go. They are also crucial to getting organised and ensuring our success.

Organisation is about maintaining the right balance in our lives. It is about being able to allocate the right amount of time and attention to a given task so that it is fully completed. In order to do this we must accept certain fundamentals: there are only 24 hours in a day; we can only accomplish so much in a day; tasks often take longer than we anticipate; whatever we focus on we tend to accomplish.

In order to get yourself organised try these tips:

Tackle issues constructively and rationally

One of the ways we may begin to move forward is to identify and acknowledge an issue openly, analyse the cause of it, plan a course of action to solve it and implement that action methodically. Even though this may seem obvious we don’t always do what we say we are going to. It is always easier to do nothing and complain about the issue. This absolves us of any action or responsibility. So when you have an issue to face practise letting go of the fear and emotion approaching it constructively and rationally.

Develop a logical approach

Have a logical approach to the tasks you undertake. Ask yourself the question, “What’s the most logical, effective and efficient way I can tackle this activity?” This gives you time to think through what you are doing, increasing the likelihood that your mind will be more focused and hence more organised in approach. In addition, allowing yourself ample time to complete your tasks allows you to relax.

This relaxed approach in turn encourages your right, creative brain to kick in, giving you even more innovative ideas as to how you can complete your task more effectively and be better organised. Finally, not rushing means you concentrate and finish the task more quickly. As a result you have more time to appreciate the task and completing it is less stressful.

Be aware of time management

Do not waste time. Recognise that time is precious and something to be appreciated not squandered. Plan your day, dividing it into sleep, work, household duties, leisure and relaxation slots. Allow an appropriate amount of time for each and avoid overrunning. This means if you are at work, develop the habit of leaving on time so that your allotted work time does not seep in to your home/relaxation time. If you’re on holiday, resolve to make use of each day. Do not allow the hours to simply drift away as you’ll get to the end of the day feeling you’ve achieved nothing.

Keep a diary

Use a diary to set your goals. Record where you are today in your diary and compare it to where you would like to be one, three and five years into the future. Set out a detailed plan of action of how you wish to get there, then put the plan into action. Note down in your diary quotes, situations, experiences that have had a positive effect on you. Re-read those entries as often as possible to keep you in a positive frame of mind.

Daily action

Commit yourself to taking daily action towards your organisational self improvement, regardless of what this may be. Decide to make organisational skills and self-development your main objectives in life and work towards them every day.

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