5 Super Tips to Iron-Strong Self Confidence

Self Confidence is one of the most important characteristics that will determine your success in leadership and in life as a whole. A high level of self-confidence will make you more successful, advance faster at work and reach your goals easily and quickly. However, not all people are born with self-confidence. Fortunately, it is also a trait you can learn and improve – this article will describe 5 tips to build iron-strong self-confidence.

Face your fears

The first step to building and immense self-confidence is to face your fears and overcome them. Whether it is mountain-climbing, public speaking or going to talk to that attractive woman, by facing the fear you will see that it is not so hard and you will instantly boost your self-confidence. So next time you are blocked by fear, know what you must do and act! Only by facing the fear and reaching the emotional high, you are able to break it and develop your character.

Know your value

Make a note of all the things you’ve achieved in life and all the things you are proud of. Whenever you are a bit depressed or are in a low state, just take a look at your list and your state will usually shift instantly into a positive one. You can also list the goals you’ve achieved in life and the things for which you are thankful for in your life. We tend to get used to our positive sides and disregard them, but if we remind ourselves of our value we will become much more confident. Recent research showed that people who reminded themselves, the first thing on the morning, 5 things in themselves they are proud of, felt much better and felt more positively.

Think like a Winner

Stop being depressed and start thinking with a winner mindset. Challenge yourself to do more and to achieve your goals with enthusiasm and speed.

Never take what others think too seriously

You can and should listen to your peers but don’t let their opinion affect the way you act and think too much. Most people are bounded by what other people think of them and strongly limit themselves over absurd reasoning. Remember the saying: “Those who matter won’t mind, and those who mind don’t matter”. Do what is good for you and what will make you the happiest.

The last trick is to keep up a strong body language

By walking in a strong body language and strong posture you radiate confidence and others will begin to respect you more and will see you as more confident. This will bring a magical cycle which will also increase your confidence. By changing your outer-self you can also strengthen your inner self and mindset.

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