5 Reasons Why Men Workout

Cars, model kits, women and sports are some things that men love, but there is one more to add to that list, working out. Men can quite often be found in gyms on their lunch breaks, before and after work, and even on the weekends. Acquiring a fit body is a lot of hard work and maintaining it can be just as big of a job. Working out is something that men take very seriously, but image is everything.

Men have a wide variety of workouts that they do. More common workouts include but are not limited to: abdominal exercises, cardio, yoga, pilates, pectoral; I think you get the point. Familiarizing yourself with a few exercise methods rather than one is a good way to break up the monotony and will probably give you more success and longevity toward your fitness goal.

Men usually have more time on their hands than women, so they have an opportunity to exercise more often. For the most part, men are not the ones driving the children to and from school, going to PTA meetings or grocery shopping so that leaves them more time to workout.

Men love to workout for several different reasons:

  1. It helps them to achieve muscle tone and definition

  2. It helps them to relieve stress

  3. It helps them to lose weight and get rid of excess body fat

  4. To feel good about themselves (Ego, self-esteem boost)

  5. They are following the lead of another male in their life (Ex: a colleague, brother or best friend)

The reasons a man may workout will vary and can change as he goes through life changes. An example of this would be, a man who is having marital issues. He would probably be more prone to staying outside of the home more often during this time. This would leave plenty of extra time for a workout or an affair, whichever he was in the mood for that day. I would say workout but don’t overwork it. A fine balance of a healthy diet and exercise will enable you to stay in better shape.

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