4 Tips to Building Mental Focus and Clarity for Success

At times we can all become unfocused and unclear about our objectives in life. That’s alright, we are human and everyone needs that little nudge in the right direction. When I find myself losing clarity I know that it is time to get back to the basics, pull out a pen and some paper and get to work on rediscovering my purpose in my work. Here I have compiled some easy to follow tips on how to maintain focus and clarity for success in any aspect of your life.

So follow along, pull out a pen and paper and let’s get clear about developing focus and maintaining it.

1. Begin with your purpose.

Everyone knows what they do. That’s an easy one to define. An example would be – “I build cell phone apps.” That’s a good start, but continue forward from here by answering the most important question of all, Why?

By determining WHY you do what you do you can become clear and focused about your short and long term goals.

Here’s a great example – “We believe in the ingenuity of mankind. We believe in empowering the world to be the absolute best that they can be. We achieve this by building the best on-the-go business applications. Our goal is to unlock the potential within each entrepreneur we touch.”

There is immense power in this, creating a mission statement that defines WHY you do what you do.

This should be the beginning of every endeavor.

2. Shape your journey.

If you know WHAT you want to do and you know WHY you want to do it, now is the time to answer the question HOW.

Start with a brainstorm and make it really simple. What are some actions that you could take along the way to get to your desired goal? Write them all down, big actions, little actions, things you could do today, things that may take longer.

Start with ten things, but if you can think of more write those things down too.

It doesn’t matter how trivial or easy some of your things may be, your just gonna write them all down.

3. Prioritize.

Look over your brainstormed ideas and rank them in the order of their importance.

If some of your actions seem a bit daunting you may want to break them down into steps. This truly does make it easier for you to spend a little bit of time every day working toward your desired outcome.

Focus on one at a time but keep in mind that you can work in time sections switching between two or three tasks for your day.

4. Section your work time.

Break down your time at work into small blocks or sections of 30 minutes to an hour.

Don’t focus on one particular task for too long. It makes it so much easier to maintain clarity if you section your time. If you have a block in one area you can always return to it in 30 minutes or so.

In between your work time schedule some breaks for fun.

This will keep you from feeling overburdened with too much all at once.

Enjoy yourself in everything you do!

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