3 Ways Organization Can (*3*) Your Health

Being disorganized can affect much more than your surroundings; it can have a large impact on your level of health and well-being also. Besides the obvious hazard of creating a higher likelihood of household injuries, clutter can also negatively impact the state of your mind and body in more subtle but equally damaging ways.

If you keep promising yourself you are going to clear out the clutter but never seem to get around to it, take a look at these three health benefits of organization and ask yourself if it might be worth the time and effort:

1) Being organized reduces stress. Clutter and chaos automatically make us feel uneasy and overwhelmed. We struggle with not being able to find what we’re looking for, or feeling oppressed by so much clutter. When you clear out the clutter, not only do you feel more in control of your life right away, you also feel stronger and better able to handle the challenges that life throws your way on an ongoing basis. You no longer feel so overwhelmed by your surroundings that you are able to work more efficiently, rest more completely, and connect more deeply with the people you care about.

2) Being organized boosts your motivation. Nothing makes a person feel as sluggish and unmotivated as oppressive surroundings! Besides feeling confused and scattered, clutter makes you feel like you’re carrying 100 pound weights on your back. When you clear out the clutter, suddenly you find yourself feeling much lighter and eager for more meaningful activities. You might find yourself feeling ready to tackle some new challenges either professionally or personally, or even set some exciting new goals.

3) Being organized frees up your time, energy and focus. You may think that getting and staying organized takes up a lot of time, but quite the opposite is true. Being disorganized means you are constantly sorting through piles of stuff to find what you need, and wasting precious time feeling bogged down and mentally confused. When you get rid of the clutter you find yourself immediately able to focus better, but also having a lot more free time on your hands! In addition, you think more clearly, have more energy and more time in which to use it productively.

There are many more health benefits to being organized, but these three alone are the biggies. Conquer the clutter in your life and watch how it transforms your body, mind and spirit.

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