3 Tips For Changing Your Emotional Addictions

There are a few things you can do in order to change your emotional addictions, which dictate your level of being and your thoughts. These emotional addictions will stop you every time from manifesting and attracting what you want if you don’t learn to control them. The three tips are:

  1. Change your thinking habits. Learn to develop the ability to stay focused on positive things. Many people will try and monitor their thoughts on a regular basis, and this will drive you nuts. Instead, learn to remain disciplined enough to keep 2 or 3 positive thoughts at the front of your mind most of the time.

Think of things that you want, that make you feel good and feel happy. Create a list of positive things that you can use on a daily basis. Then, develop the habit of being disciplined enough to keep your focus upon only those few things. Dream about them, think about them, keep them on your mind at all times. Most people focus on the negative, and that is why they develop negative emotional addictions.

  1. Take note of your emotional addictions. It’s important to know what your addictions are, but not to get caught up in them. You can recognize what they are, but not allow them to control you. Recognize what they are, and take the time to think about what they are. Once you realize what they are, you can learn to be mindful of them and where they appear and there for stop them in their tracks before they take over.

Take the time to think about when you have negative emotional addictions. Are there times when you want attention and people to pity you? Are there times when you seek others to give you answers because you don’t feel confident enough to come up with your own? What emotional addictions do you have, and where do they show up in your life.

  1. Develop positive emotional addictions. Every time you cut off an emotional addiction before it happens, or as it happens, you begin to develop new emotional addictions. Of course, the more you recognize positive emotions and how to create them in your life, the more you begin to develop a habit for those emotions. It’s much easier to replace an old addiction with a new one than it is to overcome an old addiction or habit.

Many people will try to overcome something, but the problem with that is that they are still focused on the problem. Instead, think about situations, thoughts, and things that allow you to feel good. Use those things to allow you to feel good on a consistent basis and keep those things at the front of your mind. This goes back to number one. The more you are able to discipline yourself to stay focused on those things that feel good and place yourself in situations and places and the company of others that make you feel good, the easier it will be for you to overcome your emotional addictions and replace them with positive emotional addictions.

Developing positive emotional addictions allows you to constantly seek out and search for situations that allow you to sustain that emotional addiction. If you become addicted to happiness, you align yourself with happiness, and you will naturally attract and find people, places, things, and ideas and thoughts that will allow you to sustain that positive emotional addiction. Develop positive addictions, and the law of attraction will naturally begin to work for you.

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