3 Simple Reasons to Exercise

We all know in order to stay healthy, both physically and mentally that we must exercise. Below are 3 Simple Reasons why you must exercise.

  1. Sleep Better – Everyone knows how important sleep is but did you know that exercise may help you fall asleep quicker? Not only will you fall asleep quicker but you will also stay asleep longer. When we get a good night’s sleep we are in a better mood, able to concentrate, have more energy all together being more productive. Be careful not to exercise to close to your bedtime or you will be too wire from the adrenaline to sleep. It is best to exercise 5 to 6 hours before your bedtime for best results.
  2. Happier – Exercise stimulates the chemicals in your brain to improve and enhance your mood. These chemicals result in making you happier and in a more pleasant mood. Exercise we know will enhance your sleep patterns which also help in enhancing your mood. This will not only increase your self-confidence but will enhance your mood and overall mood.
  3. Heart Healthy – Exercise is essential to having a healthy heart. This occurs because exercise helps to deliver oxygen, and vital nutrients to your body tissues and organs which results in your body functioning at an optimal level. Exercise also improves circulation and cardiovascular health which will keep your heart strong and less likely to develop health issues over time.

Remember that you are given one body and one life to live. Make the most of your life and start a healthy regimine today. Your heart, mind and entire body will thank you for it.

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