3 Migraine Home Treatment Methods – Cure Your Migraine Yourself at Home

A migraine is one of those problems that fortunately can be cured naturally and there are a number of ways and natural methods to cure the problem. These migraine home treatments are simple to prepare and can help you get relief from migraine in matter of minutes.

The first and the most effective way of getting rid of migraine is to give and ice bath to your skull and your eyes. Wet a towel or a piece of cloth with ice cold water and cover your skull with that towel for 15 minutes. Similarly wrap a piece of cloth around ice cubes and place it on your eyes for some time. Both these techniques have proved to be very effective and a large number of people rid themselves of headaches this way.

Another good migraine home treatment is to lie or sit in a dark room and give your forehead a gentle massage. There are certain massagers available in the markets that you can purchase or you can gently massage your forehead using your fingers. Make sure that your eyes are not exposed to sunlight. Vibrators and massagers can be used on the neck and the head and are very helpful in bringing you relief from the pain.

Aromatherapy and relaxation techniques like meditation are also very effective when it comes to getting rid of migraines. While meditation may be very tough if you are having a blinding pain in your eyes and head, other relaxation techniques like aromatherapy with light background music is not a bad idea. Add to this some homemade drinks like lemonade (not sweet) and ginger drinks are very effective in treating the problem of migraine.

These three migraine home treatments have proved to be beneficial for a large number of people in the past.

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