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Hand of Midas Plugin

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King Midas is popularly remembered in Greek mythology for his ability to turn everything he touched into gold.
Same as King Midas, this plugin will give your website the gift of turning daily visitors count into cash, by using the Envato Affiliate Marketing System!

Envato Affiliate moved to Impact Radius. Is this plugin affected?

No, the plugin will continue to fully work, but earnings will show up in Impact Radius, instead of the Envato account.

What Can You Do With This Plugin?

Hand of Midas – Envato Affiliate Money Generator Plugin is a breaking edge referral affiliate autoblogging plugin that uses the Envato Market API to turn your website into a money making machine!
You can automatically generate post with your referral links based on a set of predefined rules. These rules can generate posts from:

  • Latest items from: CodeCanyon, ThemeForest, AudioJungle, VideoHive, GraphicRiver, PhotoDune or 3DOcean (including their subcategories)
  • Latest items from a specific user (based on user name)
  • Popular items from Envato Marketplaces
  • Featured items from Envato Marketplaces
  • Random items from Envato Marketplaces
  • Manual items by item ID
  • Search Items by Keywords (v1.5 update)
  • Grouped post generation (more items in one post) ex post title: “Check out these 5 cool plugins from Envato Marketplace!

Other plugin features:

  • v3.3 update – Support for old ref=username affiliate links was deactivated (Envato will remove support for these links in October 2019) – pleas check this tutorial video that will help in making the required configuration changes
  • v1.6 update – Google Translate support – select the language in which you want to post your articles
  • v1.6 update – Text Spinner support – automatically modify generated text, changing words with their synonyms – great SEO value!
  • customizable generated post status (published, draft, pending, private, trash)
  • automatically generate post categories or tags from marketplace items
  • manually add post categories or tags to items
  • generate post or page
  • automatically generate a featured image for the post
  • enable/disable comments for the generated post
  • filter imported items by min/max price, min rating, upload date
  • custom sort and order search results
  • automatically import existing comments from the Envato Marketplace item at post generation or manually import comments at user request
  • customize post title and content (with the included wide variety of relevant post shortcodes)
  • link hiding using Bitly link shortener
  • usage of custom link shortener from here (monetizable): link
  • automatically update generated posts
  • ‘Keyword Replacer Tool’ – It’s purpose is to define keywords that are substituted automatically with your affiliate links, anywhere they appear in the content of your site. For example, you can define a keyword ‘codecanyon’ and have it substituted by a link to http://www.codecanyon.net/?ref=user_name anywhere it appears in your site’s content.
  • ‘Random Sentence Generator Tool’ (relevant sentences – as you define them)
  • detailed plugin activity logging
  • add referral ref=’username’ to all Envato related links in post content
  • scheduled rule runs
  • Maximum/minimum title length post limitation
  • Maximum/minimum title length post limitation
  • Maximum/minimum content length post limitation
  • Add post only if predefined required keywords found in title/content
  • Add post only if predefined banned keywords are not found in the title/content


You can use 4 types of shortcodes:

  • The first will include an Envato Style Item Thumbnail with mouse-over popup with image, item name, item author name, price and category.
  • The second will generate an Envato Style card for an item (the first thing you see in the Envato Marketplace item screen – the one that has the item image and description – see live preview for details)
  • The third one will include all relevant information about an item
  • The fourth one will include all relevant information about an author

Try it out now

Testing this plugin

  • You can test the plugin’s functionality using the ‘Test Site Generator’. Here you can try the plugin’s full functionality. Note that the generated testing blog will be deleted automatically after 24 hours.

Hand of Midas Challenge

Plugin Requirements

PHP DOM -> how to install it (if you don’t have it, but probably you already have it): http://php.net/manual/en/dom.setup.php

Learn more about this plugin

Mixed content supported

Extended License

Need support?

Please check our knowledge base, it may have the answer to your question or a solution for your issue. If not, just email me at support@coderevolution.ro and I will respond as soon as I can.

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Version 1.0 Release Date 2017-01-30

First version released!

Version 1.1 Release Date 2017-02-02

Added 3d preview button to 3DOcean items that support it
Added manual 'Comment Import' button for every generated post
Added rule running timeout manual setting support
Minor fixes and enhancements

Version 1.2 Release Date 2017-02-03

Added WordPress Multisite support

Version 1.3 Release Date 2017-02-04

Improved control panel GUI

Version 1.4 Release Date 2017-02-10

Reworked rule settings interface -> now every rule has it's own advanced settings panel
Added post creation date meta data
Improved keyword replacer -> now it can add links, replace keywords or both 
Added the ability to disable pingbacks/trackbacks for generated posts
Added the ability to set post format for generated posts
Added the ability to send rule running log in email
Minor fixes and enhancements

Version 1.5 Release Date 2017-02-11

Added the ability (new rule type) to search Envato Marketplaces and to import items based on search result!

Version 1.6 Release Date 2017-02-13

Google Translate support added - choose the language of the generated articles!
Text Spinner support added (automatically modify words in generated text with synonyms, great SEO value!) - 3 available options: 'The Best Spinner' (paid), 'WikiSynonyms' (free) and 'FreeThesaurus' (free)

Version 1.7 Release Date 2017-02-14

Maximum/minimum title length post limitation added
Maximum/minimum content length post limitation added
Add post only if predefined required keywords found in title/content
Add post only if predefined banned keywords are not found in the title/content
Minor fixes and enhancements

Version 1.8 Release Date 2017-02-16

Shortcodes fix - added missing link to thumbnail
Added fallback method if file_get_contents fails - fixes a recently reported problem
Fixed rules running flags issues

Version 1.9 Release Date 2017-02-17

Added social share buttons shortcodes
Added option to add social buttons automatically to item preview
Improved CSS, mostly of buttons
Fix: allow html and shortcodes in post content settings

Version 2.0 Release Date 2017-02-22

Fixed plugin auto-updating process
Some minor fixes and enhancements

Version 2.1 Release Date 2017-03-07

Added the ability to disable the Google Translate popup on translated text
Minor fixes and enhancements

Version 2.2 Release Date 2017-03-12

Added a built in text spinning method
Minor fixes and enhancements

Version 2.3 Release Date 2017-03-25

Added the ability to resize featured image to desired sizes
Minor fixes and improvements

Version 2.4 Release Date 2017-03-31

Added support for custom post type generation

Version 2.5 Release Date 2017-04-04

Major performance improvements

Version 2.6 Release Date 2017-04-29

Some fixes for some themes
Visual fixes for rule running

Version 2.7 Release Date 2017-06-12

Fixed some issues
Plugin running more smoothly

Version 2.8 Release Date 2017-06-28

Added WooCommerce product support

Version 2.9 Release Date 2017-06-29

Fixed an issue with Google Translate

Version 3.0 Release Date 2017-08-10

Major performance improvement
Rewritten some plugin components for better compatibility
Added the ability to change button color
Added the ability to search for multiple keywords in keywords search
Minor fixes and improvements

Version 3.0.1 Release Date 2017-08-11

Added the ability to center images in posts
Minor fixes and improvements

Version 3.0.2 Release Date 2017-08-12

Fixed live preview links
Added the ability to remove WordPress's default category
Other minor fixes

Version 3.0.3 Release Date 2017-08-22

Some minor fixes

Version 3.0.4 Release Date 2017-08-24

Added the ability to replace wp_cron with cron

Version 3.0.5 Release Date 2017-09-27

Issues fixed

Version 3.0.6 Release Date 2017-09-28

Comments will also be spinned/translated

Version 3.0.7 Release Date 2017-11-07


Version 3.0.8 Release Date 2018-01-16

Added SpinRewriter and WordAI for text spinning

Version 3.0.9 Release Date 2018-02-05

Added the ability to continuously import posts at rule runs

Version 3.1.0 Release Date 2018-02-05

Updated 'Item Search' importing with more parameters

Version 3.1.1 Release Date 2018-03-19

Added the ability to limit word count for imported content
Added the ability to add custom meta to posts
Added the ability to add custom taxonomies to posts

Version 3.1.2 Release Date 2018-04-02

Added the ability to spin/translate only content imported from Envato Marketplaces

Version 3.1.3 Release Date 2018-04-04

Fixed issue with custom taxonomy generation

Version 3.1.4 Release Date 2018-04-05

Added the ability to change the 'Read More' button text
Added the ability to strip a percentage of generated post content

Version 3.1.5 Release Date 2018-06-07

Added the ability to strip images from generated post's content

Version 3.1.6 Release Date 2018-06-18

Replaced Goo.gl URL shortener with Bitly

Version 3.1.7 Release Date 2018-06-24

Added the ability to use a custom link shortener
Added/ modified some more features

Version 3.2.0 Release Date 2018-11-13

Update for the plugin to match latest Envato API changes and deprecations
Plugin uses new API version

Version 3.2.1 Release Date 2018-11-22


Version 3.2.2 Release Date 2018-12-07

Added the ability to limit item description word count for combined items
Added the ability to keep original links after translation

Version 3.2.3 Release Date 2018-12-16

Added nested importing support - import mixed content into a single post, from multiple plugins created by CodeRevolution

Version 3.2.4 Release Date 2018-12-17

Fixed comment importing
Fixed latest item importing

Version 3.2.5 Release Date 2019-01-16

Added Gutenberg block support

Version 3.2.6 Release Date 2019-04-19

Security update

Version 3.2.7 Release Date 2019-04-23

Updated the plugin to match latest Envato changes

Version 3.2.8 Release Date 2019-05-08

Added full Impact Radius affiliate link / tracking support

Version 3.2.9 Release Date 2019-06-28

Import more info from items

Version 3.3.0 Release Date 2019-08-28

Removed old ref=username affiliate system, because Envato will deactivate it in October 2019

Version 3.3.1 Release Date 2019-11-13

Fixed incompatibility with some themes

Version 3.3.2 Release Date 2019-11-15

WordPress 5.3 compatibility update

Version 3.3.3 Release Date 2020-05-11

New features added for content templates
Bugfix update

Version 3.3.4 Release Date 2020-08-05

WordPress 5.5 compatibility update

Version 3.3.5 Release Date 2020-12-02

Fixed lazy loaded images imported from Marketplaces - now displaying correctly

Version 3.3.6 Release Date 2021-01-16

PHP 8 compatibility update

Version 3.3.7 Release Date 2021-02-16

Fixed issue with post custom meta field value assignation

Version 3.3.8 Release Date 2022-04-20

Fixed Google Translator problem caused by a recent Google API update

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Future Update Plans

  • New Rule: ‘Import More Items Like This’ – specified by item ID
  • New Rule: ‘Import Items from a Collection’ – specified by collection ID
  • And more new features to come!

WordPress 6.1 and PHP 8.1 Tested!

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