Clothes Mirror Template Construct 3

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Clothes Mirror Construct 3 is a game inspired by Windows 7’s purble place game, where the player’s task is to guess the clothes from the player’s reflection hidden behind the curtain, there will be additional items for each level increase, and it’s quite difficult because the chance to guess is only 3 times + 1 extra. and make sure you don’t guess wrong to get to the last level or until the items on the shelf are completely full

Made with 3 . Construction
Include source file .c3p
No external plugins
Easy to reskin

select an item of clothing on the available shelves, and if you are really sure about your choice, touch the green button with a tick and see if the item you chose is right, if not, select a different item again until you find the right outfit.

This game is made using Construct 3 (source code included). To modify this project, you must have a personal license or higher than Construct 3,

You can send a message via email and we will be happy to assist you.


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