10 Skills and Characteristics of the Most Effective Wellness Coaches

A wellness coach is an individual that helps you bring out and develop your inner personality and skills, to become the person you want to be mentally, physically, spiritually and more. After working with someone who is familiar with wellness coaching, you should have a whole lot of perspective on your life, whether it is a completely new outlook, or a just a more focused direction in which to proceed. Thus, you must be able to know the different skills that a wellness coach should posses in order for you to achieve your goals.

Here are some of the skills that your mentor must possess:

  1. A good motivator
  2. Someone skilled in wellness coaching must be able to focus you on your goals and propel you forward so that you can achieve the goals and plans that you have set. This may require them to be flexible and adapt those goals as well to a pace you are comfortable with, without setting the goals too low.

  3. Not easily persuaded
  4. No matter how discouraged you are, your trainer must not be persuaded to let you give up when you start complaining or have a bad day. He or she should be able to encourage you to push through what you have already started.

  5. Will stay with you till the end
  6. A good mentor must be able to stick with you through out the process until you achieve your desired goals. He or she will know how to manage client numbers and keep from taking on too many individuals at once, so that everyone can get the maximized experience.

  7. Gives you updates about your progress
  8. Anyone setting out on a journey into wellness coaching not only needs to have goals, but they also need to know that the work they are doing is paying off. So your coach should be able to track and analyze your performance so that you know how you’ve done so far, and what you still need to focus on.

  9. Sticks to the plan
  10. A good trainer can provide you with the necessary wellness coaching programs and plans that will help you achieve your goals. He or she should be able to stick to the plan through out the program, and help you stay on course as well. For example, if you are trying to lose weight and certain eating plans have been established, your coach should be able to help you meet those goals set out and measure your success as you proceed.

  11. Helps you with the basics of wellness and nourishment
  12. A large element of achieving personal and physical wellness involves eating healthy. Your coach should be able to analyze your diet and tell you where adjustments should be made. He or she should also be able to look at other habits in your life and assess problem areas and how to fix them.

  13. Improves your lifestyle
  14. Wellness coaching is an overall mind, body and spirit experience and a good mentor will be able to recognize all the places that your life is out of balance and bring you back to center.

  15. Brings out the best in you
  16. A good mentor helps you to recognize the greatness you posses and recognize your own skills and abilities. Being able to discover your strengths will make you feel good as a person and will often help you to achieve other goals as you better understand how to approach certain aspects of your life.

  17. Overcomes all the obstacles and challenges
  18. Regardless of how many times you say you want to quit, that you hate the wellness coaching program, that you hate the coach, and so on, a good trainer will never let you fail or give up on yourself.

  19. Able to achieve success
  20. A good coach is able to achieve results with his or her clients and those clients should be pleased with the results. A good wellness coach should also have references for you to contact so you can see what sort of things he or she is capable of and how clients regard the wellness coaching program.

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