10 Ayurveda Rules For A Healthy Sex Life

Ayurveda- An ancient Indian medical practice, now accepted globally, sets some rules for sex. According to the ayurvedic practitioners these ancient rules are the key to the healthy sex life. To know more- here are the top 10 rules discussed.

Avoid displeasing partners

Ayurveda demonstrates to avoid wicked sex partners with unholy intentions and dirty genitals. Ayurveda also doesn’t permit sex with emaciated or obese people. Bestiality is not permitted as it is unhealthy and unholy. Sex with old women and children should be avoided. Don’t choose a partner who is psychologically and physiologically unfit.

No fidelity is permissible

Ayurveda disgraces fidelity and unfaithfulness as according to the ancient scriptures sex should be performed for love, not lust.

Sex position

Ancient people so as Ayurveda strongly believes that sex is performed for reproduction. Thus it doesn’t permit women-on-top as in this position the semen couldn’t enter the vagina to impregnate the woman.

No sex in periods

According to the Charaka Samhita- the pious book of Ayurveda, it is mentioned that it is unhealthy to have sex in periods.

No violence

Ayurveda advocates sex to be a liaison of mutual love and honor. No place of anger, hatred, and enmity should be displayed while having sex.

No sex when hungry or thirsty

According to Ayurveda, you shouldn’t get indulged with sex when hungry or thirsty as the Vata in your body that is already increased can cause gastritis, dizziness, bloating, indigestion and headache. When you are hungry the Pita and Vata are increased making the body hot so avoid being hotter because of sex.

Avoid sex after meals

Sex is an exercise and as well all know that you can work out after eating. Similar to that avoid having sex in a full stomach. The imbalanced Vata can cause serious indigestion troubles.

No orals are permissible

The ancient Ayurveda doesn’t permit oral sex or foreplay (as such). It is mentioned not to use non-sex organs while making love. Later on many has come to the conclusions that oral is not a healthy way of pleasing partners in sex per Ayurveda.

Know the seasons

Per Ayurveda- the ideal season of love is winter. People have lots of energy to burn on sex. Summer and rainy seasons are not ideal for regular intercourse.

Benefits of healthy sex

Ayurveda says that healthy sex offers great memory, nourishment, strength, long life etc.

These are the top 10 Ayurveda rules that you can be benefited from.

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